Lumut, 3-5 June 2015 (Wednesday - Friday) A Tun Rahah scholar, Muhammad Fakhri Bin Muhammad Farid Abraham was involved in a two day Leadership programme at the Outward Bound School (OBS) Malaysia, Lumut, Perak exclusively for UNIRAZAK's Club Presidents and Student Representative Council (SRC) Members.


He participated in the intensive programme which served to discover one's self and also included a spectrum of leadership challenges.


The leadership challenges involved participating in outdoor activities with the aim of motivating, developing and strengthening one's leadership qualities.


The activities the students participated in included kayaking in the sea from the OBS Centre to Pulau Pangkor, jungle trekking and abseiling. Students also experienced outdoor camping on the beach and enjoyed cooking using fire wood.

In totality, the OBS experience served to provide character and leadership training for the students as the tasks were challenging, demanding and forced them to discover, develop and achieve their full potential.

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