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It was another working weekend for us.

We took the opportunity to engage with the community before the class in November.

This was our first face-to-face interaction with this particular community since we started FUNTIME@KNOTs last year.

It made a lot of difference in parental support when we take the initiatives to connect with the parents and learners before deploying any programmes.

It also gave us room to gauge their level of commitment in# allowing or enabling their children to attend our classes.

Some may think we are merely doing programme development and implementation.

However, the work of building communities goes beyond programme implementation. These personal touches, like establishing and building rapport with the learners and parents eventually will help contribute to achieving the programmes' outcome and pave the way to other opportunities.

Yesterday, it was a triple celebration for the learners:

1⃣ We celebrated the brave and courageous presenters who took part in our FUNTIME@KNOTs showcase. Learners took home a set of our Founders' Edition Backyard Detective Kit. The kits were sponsored by Lembaga Urus Air Selangor (LUAS);

2⃣ We rewarded learners for their active participation in classes. Learners were awarded gold stars each for their initiatives. At the end of each cohort, learners can exchange the cumulated gold stars for book and stationeries, among others. Our shoutouts to individuals who have generously contributed to our online Gold Stars Award prize store.

3⃣ Learners also took home souvenirs from Yayasan Cemerlang, which awarded us with the social impact grant and the main sponsor of Cohort Two FUNTIME@KNOTs virtual sessions.

We would like to thank the organisations and individuals for their generosity. We are currently looking for in-kind contributions for our next class. If you are interested to explore collaboration or contribute prizes, such as stationeries, books, or any donation in kind, you may write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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