Funtime@KNOTs Showcase Event

Yayasan Cemerlang 's focus on ensuring access to quality education for the underserved has been our mainstay since we were established in 2011.


In the early years, we concentrated on giving scholarships to deserving Malaysians to pursue tertiary education in our local Universities. Presently, we have 161 Alumni Scholars from this endeavour.


Yayasan Cemerlang's collaboration with KNOTs (Knowledge New Old Twists) marks our inaugural foray into enhancing English skills and digital literacy for primary school students from Desa Mentari and Seri Pantai.


It was heartwarming indeed to witness the transformation of Malaysians between the ages of 7-12 years in terms of confidence in speaking English and digital literacy during the recent virtual showcase event.


The necessary intervention programs for primary school students from underserved areas needs to be continued by as many NGOs as possible. By making the right impact at the primary school level, we could definitely change the lives of many of our young Malaysians through education. A job well done KNOTs (Knowledge New Old Twists) !


Showtime 2022 photo

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