Consistency, Acknowledgement, and Opportunity - Formula to Positive Outcome

We had the fifth5️⃣ class of the second cohort last night. One thing that is consistent in FUNTIME@KNOTs is that we always manage to inject fun into the lessons, regardless of the topic of discussion. Truly an embodiment of the FUNTIME@KNOTs spirit. Children and adults alike, learn better when they are having fun.

Last night's topic was "Food Preservation", which also brings the discussion on consumption patterns and food security issues into perspective.

We had learners pronouncing words like "food preservation" confidently, much to our surprise and delight. As teachers/facilitators, it was one of our proudest moments.


Having been with this group of young learners for more than a year, we have recorded various notable improvements in their language and digital literacy skills. It goes to prove that in community development, consistency, acknowledgment, and relevant opportunities to the target groups will contribute to positive outcomes.

Community builders, what would be your formula for success? We love to hear from you.


Special shout-outs to our KNOTteers, Li Ann Kon, Siti Nur Hidayah Ismail, and Raof, for their commitment and assistance. This goes out to the rest of KNOTteers as well, who have contributed their evenings to ensure FUNTIME@KNOTs ran like clockwork - Nabilah Ariffian, AmiraZaidat, Markus Stein, and many more.

KNOTs Class 5

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