Yayasan Cemerlang CEO visit to Manjung Power Station

It was a sight to behold, and one I did not expect to see inside a Power Station. But there they were, a beautiful flock of birds ascending upwards in graceful flight amidst various types of flora and fauna and a most serene lake. The opportunity to witness this ongoing commitment of the Manjung Power Station as stewards of nature was a very rewarding feature of a fascinating short tour of the vast man-made island that produces enough electricity to power millions of households in Malaysia. Thank you to the Managing Director, Tuan Hj Zaini, for giving Yayasan Cemerlang the opportunity to explore partnerships in community development in and around the Power Station. With the flourishing ecosystem I saw, due to the endeavour to have harmony between people and the planet, the promise of the beginning of a beautiful friendship is very possible.

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manjung collage

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