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29 June 2021 - If you are a Malaysian above 18 years old and you thrive in a domain of peer-to-peer learning, self-learning and self-actualization in a challenging 100% hands on project environment, do check out 42KL, Malaysia’s first coding school that offers zero tuition fees, zero teachers, and zero traditional classrooms. Yup, you read right. Zero tuition fees, zero teachers and zero traditional classrooms. All you need is determination, will-power, resilience, and the resolve to be the best you can be in whatever situation you find yourself in and face with courage and passion any challenge thrown at you. I found out about 42KL only recently from Hester Spiegel-vdSteenhoven and through her kind introduction,  had a very interesting subsequent conversation with the Head of 42KL,  Jeff Sandhu, Thila, and Tzer Yee Ng on the game-changer in education that has been in our midst. Do check out 42KL if the path they offer interests you. It could be the road you never thought of taking but a destination that could make much difference in your chosen future.

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