Yayasan Cemerlang Scholar; Nur Shahindah Izzati involved in Academic Training Programme in Multiculturalism and Leadership in Scotland, UK.

I am glad to share about my experiences before and during the Academic Training Programme.

This programme was open to all female students in third and fourth years only. As I think this programme will be a great opportunity for me, I took the challenge to fill the form. The process was not really easy. I need to make a new passport and write some essays to be sent with the entry form. From all students that submitted the forms, only seven names were shortlisted to be interviewed. The interview was in English. Only 5 persons selected as participants for this programme.

From the beginning, I did not put a high expectation since I knew there are many students that have more advantages than me. But I think, if I did not try I would not know. Alhamdulillah I was selected as a participant for Academic Training Programme in Multiculturalism and Leadership by Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education, Dundee, Scotland, UK. The period of the programme are around 28 days (4 weeks) which is from 2nd Feb to 1st March 2019. Thanks to the Yayasan Cemerlang, I am able to have a good preparation with the allowances given.

Me and my friends have done some readings because we think we need to show our participation in each lectures and tutorials. Before going there, it is a compulsory for us to have the “Avoiding Plagiarism Certificate” by read the notes and answers all the questions given in the moodle.

Total of participants are 63 women. Five students from Malaysia, five students from Egypt and 53 women are from United Arab Emirates. They came from various background. Some of them already graduates, some are Phd’s students and some are staffs in their university.

Basically, the first three week are quite hectic since we need to submit report by each week. The first report is about “Globalisation, Multiculturalism in the Muslim World”. The second report is about “Similarities and Difference Between Leadership and Management” and the last report is about “Civilisational Dialogue and Cultural Engagement”. The feedback of the reports we will get from the lecturers of Al-Maktoum College. The schedules are not too compact. We have got chances to visit other districts and places as well. Such as St. Andrews, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Livingston. The fourth week, we have got to visited London and have some educational visits. We were taken to Ripon College, House of Lord and Henley Business School. The last day, we get to spent our times around London City.

Alhamdulillah for all the chances and opportunity I have got from this programme. I really felt like I have received a first class of Academic Training Programme in Multiculturalism and Leadership by Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education. The experiences are so valuable. I am so grateful to be chosen as participant and thanks to Yayasan Cemerlang that contribute indirectly. Indeed there so much things to story about, but I think the report will be much longer.

I have attached some pictures to share during The Academic Training Programme. Hope the pictures could describe how happy I am being in the country I have never gone before.





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