Yayasan Cemerlang Experience During Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS)

       International exchange program was very much useful and fruitful for all guys, full of experiences and knowledge. It is not due to spending the days wherever we visited, but it is due to the fact also that we got the opportunity of meeting with the people of different races, ethnicities, cultures, nations, religions, talents, thoughts and natures. Though, this fact is there yet it can’t be denied that one has to go through everything practically which helps one a lot in making and casting the on-ground analyses and descriptions. This is what the cultural exchange programs deliver to the visitors. Similarly, I have had the understanding and perception of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS). JENESYS was organized by Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE), an organization that actively contributes to the development of not only developing countries but international community through the implementation of the activities for strengthening mutually beneficial partnership between foreign countries and Japan.


       While I was, with all my other team members, I have many kinds of thoughts regarding the program. But, I was sure that it being the cultural exchange program would disclose the new parameters of different aspects the Japan, be it its culture, economy, technology, politics, society, norms, mores, standard of living or social or industrial structure. I was true to my thinking as I could have the chance of observing all the aspects of Japan clearly. 

       It was 28th of February when our delegation reached Japan’s Narita airport. Suddenly a change was felt as soon as I stepped down the airplane. Not only the people but even the environment, climate, cities, roads, streets, hotels, shops and restaurants were looking to be different. Culturally, Japan seemed to be more intact. The historical places are well-manneredly taken care by the Japanese people. They meet or greet the guests with the nice style of bowing themselves with the palms of hands joined together. The hard work is largely imbedded in their culture.


       Religiously, they believe in two gods: Bhudha and Asakusa. One is for life and the other is with the authority of causing death. They perform their religious prayers by going into temples and praying before the idol. Japanese have, after a huge struggle, come out the feudalism and, now, they mostly have drifted to giving a prime value to the labor class. The rights of the labor class are values much and, this is why, the things are very much costly there.


       As were the university students, the best experience was of visiting IAI High School, which was based at Hakodate City. The building was clean and well-equipped with the cooperative staff. The classes were modernized where education is provided with liberal perspectives which also include the education of moral values just to mould the small minds into a good civic sense. I observed that the students, over there, are encouraged to study English language.


       I was stayed at ordinary Japanese home and built the good relationship with my host family. When I was introduced to my family, bow and say hajimemashite. Bowing is appropriate when one greets another, saying good-bye (sayonara), entering another's room, etc. Bowing low is a sign of respect in Japan. Although bowing will feel awkward at first, I got used to it!  Another point, sumimasen, gomen nasai, and onegaishimasu (all forms of please, excuse me,) are a major part of Japanese etiquette and thought patterns. This means that when one wants to take a bath, use the denwa (phone), once asks for permission.


       On the whole and last but not least, it was a tour which I can never ever forget. I think such program help one learn and teach others concerning the methods of how the countries have developed themselves. The bottom-line learning of the program was, “Japan has taught me that the countries develop not from the nothingness but from the ashes like the Phoenix”. 


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