AHHA Education

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Thursday, 12th October 2017

9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


On 12th October 2017, a group of UNIRAZAK MBA (Services Management) students conducted a volunteer programme in collaboration with AHHA Education Cambodia. This programme was organised to fulfil a project coursework under Organisation Behaviour, a course which is facilitated by Dr. Dewi Amat Sapuan.

The project requires students to run a ONE (1) day volunteering programme for an underserved community as part of a behavioural research. Based on an inquiry-based teaching strategy, this project has a two-prong objective to be met where students are required to conduct an OB related research through observation and their interaction with a community they are unfamiliar with, where communication would be a challenge. At the same time, this experience will help build their interest in volunteering work and will also give them an exposure to the living condition in a less developed country.

The volunteering programme was designed around a main activity called Business Explorace, where the MBA students would study the behaviour of Cambodian tertiary level students, relating to leadership, communication, responsibilities and self-confidence values.

The one-whole day programme took place at the AHHA Education located at Prek Eng Pagoda Rd, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A number of twenty-one students from the education centre, who are also university going students, took part in the programme.

The programme was divided into two sessions. The first part of the programme consists of ice-breaking and introductory activities which included a personality test survey and four team building games, all of which helped prepare both the participants and programme facilitators for the subsequent main activity, Business Explorace.

The first game was Passing The Big Paper Hoop, which aimed to develop creative thinking and teamwork among the participants. The second was The Train and its objective was to test the sense of responsibility of the participants. It also served as an energiser for the participant. The following game was called Maps Killer. This game helped in establishing trust among members. Members were guided in cultivating trust amongst themselves through several actions, and had to work to maintain it. The final last game was The Cup Tower which aimed to develop creative thinking as well as critical decision-making among the participants.

The second part of the programme, Business Explorace, a game chain where members in their assigned teams were required to complete several tasks at each checkpoint in order to achieve the final rewards. This game incorporated basic knowledge in business functional areas, namely, operation, human resource, marketing and finance. A mini lecture on these functional areas was presented by the facilitators beforehand, and questions pertaining to the content of the presentation were asked at each checkpoint during the game. The objective of Business Explorace was to expose participants to some basic understanding of the functional area in business management as well as to develop their critical thinking and teamwork.


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