Student Testimonial by Bovern Suchart Arromrak, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu

Dear Yayasan Cemerlang,

It has been a privilege to be one of the recipient for this Bursary award. For the past 3 years, the allowance and tuition fee provided have helped me financially. My worries had totally been relieved beginning from the day I receive the bursary. Nonetheless, it is because of the award, I was able to focus in my studies 100% and attended to any co-curricular activities without needed to work to fund my living. I hope this programme will continue its course to provide more students bursary to ease their burden in University or college life, just as how this award supported me. I would also like to praise the efficiency of the staffs handled this programme for the very quick responds given and tended to my every need. Once again, I would like to thank for giving me this bursary award and may this programme continue to support the needy students.





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