TUN RAHAH SCHOLAR 2016 – CRYSTAL SIA YIIK SWAN Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Pharmaceutical) at Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Officially, my campus life started at 1/9/2016. Before that, there was an orientation camp conducted for about four days. The theme of the orientation is Minds 16. In this camp, we were exposed to various things in the university such as rules and regulations, co-curriculum, executive management board of the university and so on. Although throughout these few days, all first year students were fatigue but this orientation was a good experience indeed. We were able to know and establish friendships with seniors or between first years. Interesting thing throughout the event was we dance so much together with seniors, as they called as “refreshment time”.

            After Minds 16, we started our lecture and laboratory sessions.. To make my university lives meaningful, I participated in various events. The event that I involved most frequently is running event. From the very beginning until now, the running event involved covered from 5km to 10km. Funny thing is I never ran for more than 2km at my hometown but now I can achieve until 10 km! I also found out that my stamina becomes stronger and I believe that I can manage further distance in the future!

Except running, I also participated in other events. One of them was international day. This was an event organised by the international students. There were many booth set up about Yemen, Indian, Siamese and so on. At there, we were exposed to their cultures and delicacies. All of them are very hospitable and we were able to have pleasant chit-chatting with them. In the following picture, we were wearing Yemen’s traditional and modern clothes.

In a nutshell, this is roughly about the events and lifestyles of semester 1 in UMP. As an undergraduate, I need to learn to manage time between my study and all sorts of events. In semester 2, I will be in charge of some events such as UMP Engineering Week 2017. This will be a great opportunity for me to gain more experiences.

Last but not the least, I would like to express my gratitude towards esteemed Board of Trustees of Yayasan Cemerlang. Thank you for giving me financial support so that I do not need to worry about the source of money throughout the university lives. As a return, I will try my best in obtaining good results for every semester but at the same time stay active for various activities in university. The financial support from Yayasan Cemerlang is indeed a relief for me. However, I can assure the Foundation and the Trustees, I will not let all of you down and always manage obligations as an undergraduate.

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