TUN RAHAH SCHOLAR 2016 – NUR SHAHINDAH IZZATI KHAIDIR Bachelor of Syariah (Syariah & Economy) at University Malaya

           For the time being, my second semester had just began and for this week, it is compulsory for us to register our courses online. I am looking forward  to excel and be more active in this semester and afterwards. I am also hoping to cope with various activities and societies as I love  to place myself close to the community.

Alhamdulillah, praises and thanks to Allah. By this scholarship, it helps me to participate in any activities in University of Malaya without having any financial problems. A big thanks I wish to the committee members for choosing me as one of the scholarship recipients for Tun Rahah Scholarship Award.

I will do my best to achieve more awards and achievements. Thanks again for the trust given to me and I will not disappoint your help and time.

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